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 TruDenta Partners


 UNLV is a doctoral-degree-granting institution of 28,000 students and 3,300 faculty and staff. Founded in 1957, the university offers more than 220 undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

The UNLV School of Dental Medicine provides world class oral health education while providing for the dental needs of Nevada residents. The UNLV School of Dental Medicine will be a driving educational force toward improving the health of the citizens of Nevada through innovative programs of oral healthcare services to the community, integrated biomedical and clinical curricula and research.


Nova Southeastern University

 When the NSU College of Dental Medicine admitted its charter class in August 1997, it became the first new school of dental medicine to open in the United States in 24 years. In the ensuing years, our distinguished faculty, advanced technology, and innovative curriculum have allowed us to create a uniquely rich learning environment for our students, while earning us the respect of the dental profession and dental educators throughout the world.

Students of the college benefit from our state-of-the-art educational and clinical facilities, which feature the latest in computer and video technology, and from our distinguished professors, recruited from throughout the United States.



 The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health is an organization of health care leaders and health professionals dedicated to the relationship of oral health and whole body health. Its vision is to improve inter-disciplinary healthcare and collaboration, and the health of people everywhere by changing public and professional awareness of the mouth-body health links.



 The Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics® (ACE™) is a community of dedicated dental professionals who strive to provide excellent patient care through education and sharing of information to help each other succeed in the business of dentistry and life. ACE™ strives to educate, mentor and share information to be the recognized leader in comprehensive esthetic dental education for dental professionals and the public. Through a strong educational background, ACE™ will help our members by showcasing the latest continuing dental education and encouraging them to achieve clinical excellence in cosmetic & esthetic dentistry.



 Sesame Communications is the leading provider of cloud-based patient connection systems for the dental industry with more than five million patients regularly communicating with dental providers via Sesame services. Sesame offers an award-winning suite of analytic-rich patient engagement tools including dental website design, patient reminders and patient software to enhance practice operations, strengthen patient loyalty and increase revenue. 



From simply quantifying practice performance to complete “life-saving” actions, we deliver industry leading, customized solutions in virtually every area of Medical Billing Services and Practice Management. We have experience with over 300 practices in 40 specialties, hospitals, free-standing healthcare facilities such as oncology centers, surgery centers, physical therapy/rehabilitation facilities, diagnostic imaging facilities of all modalities, clinical laboratories and a wide variety of non-medical businesses too.



The American Tinnitus Association exists to cure tinnitus through the development of resources that advance tinnitus research. ATA, along with our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), believe that a cure is possible. There have been major advances within the past five years that suggest a cure is not only possible, but probable. Since 1980, ATA has awarded more than $5 million providing researchers with “seed” money to launch their work. Some of these researchers have gone on to receive large grants from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and more recently the U.S. Department of Defense based on their early, ATA-funded work.



Since 1988, Nierman Practice Management has helped dentists like you take their practices to the next level. Offering electronic forms that you can complete during the exam, our DentalWriter™ system saves you from the time of transcribing notes. What's more, the diagnostic reports generated from these exam forms and electronic patient questionnaires serve as valuable insurance documentation, plus they help you communicate with patients and encourage more referrals from physicians.

DentalWriter also automates medical insurance claim filing. Plus, our treatment protocols for specialized services, like dental sleep medicine/sleep apnea, TMD and implants, maximize your chances of insurance reimbursement!



 A couple of years ago we determined that our competition no longer comes from other dental labs. Our competition comes from companies like Nordstrom, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, and Costco. Why? Because they’ve raised the bar on service expectations. We also determined that providing unequaled VALUE to dentists isn’t JUST about service. It’s also about RELEVANCE—connecting to the things YOU consider important. Innovative solutions, in and of themselves, have no inherent value until they’re RELEVANT to what YOU want, need, value, and expect.

At Utah Valley Dental Lab, we’ve not only raised the service bar, we’ve redefined practice/lab relationships in ways that DIRECTLY BENEFIT YOU and your practice. Spend ten short minutes with this site. We promise it will change your perspective on practice/lab relationships. Then pick up the phone and call us. We look forward to helping your practice too.


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Assessment & Treatment
  • Assessment Process
  • Treatment Process
  • Only Dental Professionals
  • Assessing DMSD
  • Bite Force Analysis
  • Mandibular Range of Motion
  • Cervical Range of Motion

Only Dental Professionals

In many cases, only dental professionals can help the estimated 80 million Americans suffering from the painful symptoms caused by improper dental forces, called dentomandibular sensorimotor dysfunction (DMSD).

READ MORE "...it is imperative to include the training for orofacial pain, particularly those from temporomandibular joint and musculoligamentous tissues.” JADA Cover Story, 10/2015, Vol. 146, Issue 10, Pg. 721-728

Assessing DMSD

20% of your existing patients suffer from DMSD, as do 20% of all Americans. Your team members quickly assess patients for "red flags" (which indicate DMSD), utilizing TruDenta's patented technologies.

The National Institutes of Health estimate that over 80 million Americans suffer from one or more of the symptoms of DMSD, including:
• Chronic Headache
• Migraine
• Tinnitus
• Vertigo

Bite Force Analysis

TruDenta uses digital force measurement technology, powered by Tekscan®, for evaluating the amount of bite force that is present during closure, at closure, and while chewing. The technology is so advanced that it actually calculates the bite force and motion on a tooth-by-tooth basis. This digital exam literally shows a movie of the bite force in action revealing abnormal forces in the nerves, muscles and ligaments that are often the cause of symptoms.

Bite balance is also calculated to identify potential issues within the overall chewing system. READ MORE

Mandibular Range of Motion

A normal opening for an adult is 53 mm to 57 mm. Limited or restricted range of motion (less than 40 mm) is a reduction in an individual’s ability for normal range of movement. Along with opening movement, an individual should be able to slide their jaw to the left and to the right at least 25 percent of their total mouth opening in a symmetrical fashion.

When restricted movement exists, an imbalance in the system is present, and breakdown of the system is likely to occur. READ MORE

Cervical Range of Motion

The TruDentaROM is a system of hardware and software that digitally measures cervical range of motion (ROM) impairment based upon AMA guidelines. This directly affects the proprioceptive feedback system of the dental occlusion, TMJ, and the muscles of mastication.

ROM impairment is another “red flag” which assists doctors in accurately diagnosing symptoms that are often dental force related. This data enhances medical insurance collections and the collaboration with referring medical doctors. READ MORE

  • Doctor Chair Time
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Microcurrent Stimulation
  • Low-Level Cold Laser

Less Than One Hour Doctor Chair Time

A typical case requires less than one hour of doctor time in the diagnosis and minor occlusal adjustments during the rehabilitation period.

Treatments are performed by a trained team member once per week, in less than one hour. The most severe cases require 12 treatments. Therapies are spa-like, non-invasive and require no drugs or needles. Most patients report dramatic results after the very fist treatment. Note: The majority of patients utilize an orthotic only during the treatment period, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. READ MORE

Therapeutic Ultrasound

The goal of therapeutic ultrasound treatment is to return circulation to sore, strained muscles through increased blood flow and heat. Another goal is to break up scar tissue and deep adhesions through sound waves.

Therapeutic exposure to ultrasound reduces trigger point sensitivity and has been indicated as a useful clinical tool for managing myofacial pain. Additionally, ultrasound also has been shown to evoke antinociceptive effects on trigger points. READ MORE

Microcurrent Stimulation

Sub-threshold microcurrent stimula¬tion reduces muscle spasm and referral pain through low electrical signal. It also decreases lactic acid build-up and encourages healthy nerve stimulation. In particular, microcurrent electrotherapy has been shown to help increase mouth opening significantly.

• Reduces muscle spasm and referral pain through low electrical signal
• Decreases lactic acid build-up
• Encourages healthy nerve stimulation
• Increases mouth opening significantly

Low-Level Cold Laser

Low level laser/light therapy is one of the most widely used treatments in sports medicine to provide pain relief and rehabilitation of injuries. Over 200 randomized clinical trials have been published on low level laser therapy, half of which are on pain.

Low level laser/light therapy decreases pain and inflammation, accelerates healing of muscle and joint tissue 25 to 35 percent faster than without treatment, and reconnects neurological pathways of nerves to the brain stem, thereby inhibiting pain. READ MORE

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Download this eBook on The Hidden Causes of Head Pain
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Download this eBook on The Hidden Causes of Head Pain
Download this eBook on The Hidden Causes of Head Pain
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